24 June 2014

Design discussions and creative Ideas !

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This page was created specifically - to let the students and designers post their ideas so that we will discuss on the possibilities; as well as let the rest of the readers know your ideas. No matter how the idea is - silly, crazy, impossible, ordinary, brilliant and so on, don't worry ! an Idea is an idea and is worth discussing. You may leave your idea in the comment section.

Let me start with a crazy idea !

Whenever I use western toilets, I feel that there should be some changes to be made ! In all types of western toilets, the flush buttons were attached to the water holder (as shown in the picture), right ? so whenever we require flushing, we need to turn back and press the button (hands get twisted), and it's really painful.

Why don't we design a toilet, that would have flush buttons on either the right side or left side of the toilet ?, eliminating the need for turning back ! May be the toilet could be designed such that the the buttons could be fixed to the side walls or even a special attachment (accessory) to the current design. 

what do you say ? 
is that a wrong idea ?   

Post your suggestions and also share your ideas below.

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  1. hey good to see you discussing this problem, i too had a similar thought on working for this problem, hope i can come back with a solution for this. But i want to suggest a sketch for this solution. how can i post a sketch(image) here?

    1. You may just share with my Google profile as a private message !

  2. Hi,I am giving CEED
    Since their is only one month remain for the final exam.what I should be practicing in sketching.
    I am practicing product design and animation design..

    1. initial few days revise ur drawing skills by doing line sketches, object sketching etc roughly, then take some problems or preev ques, n try to do ur design. That shld work


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