29 September 2013

Birds nest and railway problem analysis

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In this post, we will identify and analyse problems for two of the questions asked in CEED previous question papers. 

Question-1 :

Assuming that you are a 'designer bird', write down the different factors you will consider in building a nest on a cloths-line (nest picture shown below).

(Appeared as question no.5 in CEED 2008 exam)

Identifies Factors :

  • The cloths line should probably be a abandoned one. Means, there should be no human user using it for drying cloths and for any other issues.
  • The cloth line should be less or no accessible in reach to various intruders like human, animals (like dogs, cats) and also snakes. It should be located in isolated area with less or no reach to the above intruders. 
  • Preferably it should be away from eagles eye.
  • The cloth line should preferably be located under a trees shadow or under a slab of a building; just as a protection from sun and rain.
  • The cloth line should be strong enough to bear the load of the nest with residents inside.
  • The nest build in a cloth line should bear seismic conditions (wind).
  • Entrance for the nest should be difficult to find (confusing nest), in case if any  intruders access the nest unexpectedly.
  • The outer surface area of the nest could be made of prickles (like thorns) for extra protection and safety from any living thing touching it.
  • The nest should allow good flow of natural air for better comfort.

Question-2 :

Identify TEN major problems in the toilet of a second class sleeper compartment that a passenger would encounter. The problems can be related to ease and comfort of use, safety, hygiene, looks etc. Write down in brief these problems.

(Appeared as question no.4 in CEED 2006 exam)

  1. There was less space in toilets and while in sitting position, it will be difficult to turn around and even operate tap.
  2. The height of the toilets was very optimum, with more congestive space, thus giving discomfort feel.
  3. Water tap (bottom tap near toilet) was located very low in height, making it difficult to fill water in jug.
  4. Flush button was very hard to push and sometimes it won't work due to greater tightness, because of which cleaning effect was not effective, thus creating un-hygienic condition.
  5. Exhaust system for the inside air was very poor.
  6. Pesticide cleaning were irregularly carried causing un-hygienic condition.
  7. Wash basin was very small and even difficult to use while doing face wash and brush.
  8. There is no proper hanger support for clothes, and the old system of hanger might sometimes make the clothes fell down.
  9. The flush button for flushing the toilet was positioned right behind; which when going toilet (sitting position) will be difficult to operate as one has to turn around completely to reach it.
  10. When waking up from the toilet sitting position, the Ceiling fan located above (over-head position of toilet) will be hitting the head, thus creating un-safe condition.

Please note; for this type of questions, you may not want to give illustrative sketches because the question asks only problem factors and explanation and not illustrations. 

You may leave your problem findings or ideas in the comment box below for others advantage.

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  1. why have you focus on clothes line instead of designing a nest?

    1. Try to understand the question ! Also go carefully go through my factors, you will see that I have given factors both for the nest line as well as the nest !

  2. There is no identification signal when someone using toilet.there is no hand wash and tissue paper.it is better to separate men,women toilets.some lock systems are poor,some are very tight.senior citizens are difficult to use toilets due to lack of support while sitting.


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