3 August 2017

Weekly time table (strategy) for NID preparation


Please note that there is no universal strategy applicable to everyone. Strategy and preparation level varies from person to person based on their existing abilities (proficiency in a field), how much time to spend every day, their status (completely dedicated or partially preparing and also aiming for other exams), their ease of understanding/grasping topics, their ability skills and so on. So, it all depends on personal capabilities, but this timetable will be helping those who need guidance or a systematic approach to preparation.

Thanks to a friend, Anjali Singh, (a choti to me), interaction with whom I learned that the regular Verbal and Non-Verbal competitive exam books could be used, very much, for NID (as well as for UCEED/CEED) preparation as well. Since most of you can have access to aptitude and reasoning books, cost of which is comparatively less than any NID/UCEED/CEED books, I, therefore, list out the topics from those books.  Here, before giving the schedule, I will list out the topics with their ranking in brackets. A very high rank (high being 5) means you are advised to prepare to the full for that topics, and a very low rating (low being 1), means you are advised not to spend much time on that and any rating in between means you are advised to give importance accordingly (time). You can safely skip the rest of the topics which are not listed below and if you find some topics important that has been skipped, you may let me know. Please note that I'm keeping in mind that you're also giving UCEED/NATA/JEE/NIFT or any design based exams. So, preparing for these topics might help you give other exams too with ease!


Verbal Reasoning
  • Syllogism (5)
  • Logical Sequence of Words (1)
  • Blood Relation Test (2)
  • Series Completion (2)
  • Cause and Effect (3)
  • Dice, Venn Diagrams (1)
  • Cube and Cuboid (3)
  • Analogy (2)
  • Seating Arrangement (3)
  • Character Puzzles (4)
  • Direction Sense Test (5) 
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (2)
  • calendar (2)
Non Verbal Reasoning
  • Series (4)
  • Analogy (4)
  • Classification (5)
  • Analytical Reasoning (5)
  • Mirror Images & Water Images (4)
  • Embedded Images (2)
  • Pattern Completion  (5)
  • Figure Matrix (3)
  • Paper Folding (5)
  • Paper Cutting (5)
  • Rule Detection (4)
  • Grouping of Images (3)
  • Shape Construction (2)
  • Image Analysis (4)
  • Cubes and Dice (4)

Aptitude topics  - Average, Area, mensruations, odd man out series, height, and distance, speed, trains, 


In the below weekly timetable, I will just refer as either verbal and non verbal because of space limit, but, you can assume any of the above topics (based on the priority) and cover them.

Month : August
  • 1st week - object sketching, Image aptitude (solids, views, surface counting, solid manipulations etc), drawing images in front/top/side views (helpful to improve your imagination although in exam this might not come)
  • 2nd week - Previous paper, non verbal reasoning - image patterns, image manipulations, syllogism 
  • 3rd week - Tangram puzzles, non verbal reasoning - paper cutting etc, odd man out series
  • 4th week - previous paper, verbal reasoning, story writing, sketching practice (line sketching by copying)
  • 5th week - Ability tests, basic math formulae revision, sketching practice (line sketching giving emphasis to shape, size/proportion)

Month : September
  • 1st week - non verbal reasoning, english comprehension, plain sketching (objects, everday things)
  • 2nd week - Ability tests - inductive/deductive reasoning, mensurations, plain sketching (objects, everday things) 
  • 3rd week - verbal reasoning, folding and unfolding of solids, image manipulations, paragraph comprehension, sketching (with concern for detailing like shadings, shadows, details, texture etc)
  • 4th week - draw a scene (given in written form) by visualizing minding details, proportion and all other elements of sketching, imaginative drawing, revision of your understanding on learnt non verbal reasoning topics, facts on basic science, science quiz questions,

Month : October
  • 1st week - UCEED Previous paper, story and creative writing, Number puzzles, NID previous paper subjective attempts, sketch of creative ideas (ex - like creative uses of umbrellas, water bottles etc), sketch practice of - logo making, animation frames, posters etc
  • 2nd week - CEED previous paper, paragraph comprehension, deductive reasoning from para's, Principals and Fundamentals of Prototyping (modeling), Observation on every day products - their functions/behaviour and the science/reason behind their use (like why gas pipe is cylindrical and not square ?, what is the shape of the fan blade ? etc), sketch practice of - logo making, animation frames, posters etc (continuation) 
  • 3rd week - rebus puzzles, aptitude start, font, revision on math basics, GK on Terms and techniques related to weaving, art, stitching, pottery, architecture, fashion, animation, printmaking, media etc, sketching of creative ideas.
  • 4th week - direction sense tests, IQ questions, color schemes, Basic science and facts, odd man out series, Knowledge on convex, concave mirroring, sketch practice of humans/animals in different positions like sitting, standing, postures, in action, different genders, age groups, portraits etc

Month : November

(keep your sketch practice in between)
  • 1st week - Basic idea about materials used for daily products, non verbal revision, GK fact on sciene, earth, findings, completing sentences, deducing meaningful statements from paragraphs, working on design and creative ideas, practising sketching of creative ideas, 
  • 2nd week - Knowledge on print/packaging standard, logos/symbols, series (aptitude and image kind), GK on natural disasters occurred in history, General facts (famous, science, logos, constitution and human rights), mechanical and spatial ability study, 
  • 3rd week - Indian indexes, Background on civilization, revolutions, archaeology, paragraph comprehension revision, Non-verbal revision, Color schemes, Epics, Renaissance, Terms and techniques related to sculpturing, webpage design, sketch practice on object forms, shapes, texture etc)
  • 4th week - Terms and techniques related to construction, pottery, building, archi etc, Prototyping (modeling), related terms, techniques, media and tools used, basic knowledge on materials for prototype making steps followed (very quickly), GK on movies, animators, Architectural importance in India (locations, places etc)

Month : December

(keep your sketch practice in between)
  • 1st week - Logos of Indian brands and government department, institutes, science and solar system, facts, inventors/discoveries, general facts about earth, design and even humans, india, history, GK on World famous days (events, attacks, revolutions etc), Gk on India's famous political personalities, Animation movements, texture identifications (on animals, surfaces etc) 
  • 2nd week - Gk on sports, politics, film, animation, recent implements or constitution changes, Indian culture, dance, wear etc, GA on Art/Media, painters, music, dance, designers, Font, linguistic, English - completing sentence, NID/UCEED Mock test (or previous paper) practice, Crafting media, tools, related terms etc, Paint/art/works of renowned designers, 
  • 3rd week - Knowledge about books, great personalities including sports, politicians, designers, revolution activist etc, Symmetry in biology, NID/UCEED Mock test (or previous paper) practice, quick revision on solid views, syllogisms, basic mensuration concepts, Knowledge on people (and their works) related to innovators, changes, revolutions, art movements etc, sketching, knowledge on aesthetics, symmetry etc
  • 4th week - Revise of ability tests samples, NID/UCEED/CEED Mock test (or previous paper) practice, quick non verbal revision, Color scheme revision, GK on generally (day-to-day) used products/objects/things, gadgets, appliances, vegetables, GK on break through revolutions, GK on famous personalities (designers, activist, painters, logo makers, sports, political, science in indian context, )

Month : January
  • 1st week - current affairs (recent break thoughs) related to india, introductions like monetization, CST, personall involved in that etc, Terms and techniques related to design, art, print, printmaking, crafting, media, theory on black box, GK on famous personalities (continuation), revision of any other GA topics

Practicing previous papers or sample tests will help you in monitoring the phase as well as help you with fast practice.

If you feel like some topics are uncovered in the above weekly plan, please do comment here so that others would also know. 
All the best for your start :)


  1. Hello,Just wanted to know is this covering M.Design Syllabus?

    1. This timetable was made common for bdes and Mdes.

  2. Hi Bhanu,
    I don't wanna be the one pissing on the parade but I think you meant mensuration instead of menstruation up there. Great work though. :)

    1. that's ok to spot mistakes as well as typos. and i'm sure everyone here would have consider that as 'mensuration' indeed. Meaning remains the same though

  3. Is it necessary to read newspaper for nid,if yes then what type of news I Should read ?

  4. I have very less days to prepare for design paper alongside I have my college papers..can someone help me the managing time and make timetable day wise...and which part to focus most on... please help it will be very grateful

  5. Guys NID sucks. I appeared for NID M.Des (Graphic Design) this year (2018), Got a decent score (63/100). My open merit rank was 46. A freaking 2 digit number that too less than 50! I lost my place to some 3 digit rankers because they had a certificate that said CASTE. There is no value for real talent in India. Out of 15 seats, 7 are reserved. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    1. Dude...why are you blaming NID...the whole education system of India is such...there are govt colleges worse than NID....anyway, Iam really sorry....did you get selected for Studio Test?

  6. bhanu sir I'm really bad in story writting what should i do ? and also not feel confident in english speaking so i want to know that english speaking is necessary for the interviews conducts in NID ????

    1. English speaking might not be prob now. You can pickup later also. For story writing, what u need us to imagine that you are present there in the situation and seeing the happenings around you. You should keep your mind free and just write whatever comes to ur mind. U can chk this page for my mother tips http://stuffyoulook.blogspot.com/2016/05/tips-for-writing-story-from-images-composition.html

  7. Can you please tell the timetable for NIFT also??

    1. I haven’t prepared one yet. If prepared, I will share with everyone for sure.

  8. This blog is a "Blessing" for designing aspirant. ....thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much🙏

  9. Hi, love your blog. Have you written about the nid studio test anywhere? :)

    1. Hi, I haven't touched much about studio tests as of now. I will try to get some info on it after finishing the current works.


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