29 May 2015

Answer key to Sample mock test for UCEED practice - 3


This post serves as an answer key to my earlier post - Mock test -3. If you haven't tried the questions yet, I strongly recommend you to go through the questions before checking the answers to self access. I have tried to cover vast topics that could appear in the exam.


How many vanishing points can be approximated from the given below situation

a) 1 point
b) 2 point
c) 3 point
d) 6 point

Answer : b


The below shown Logo is used for 

a) National child welfare
b) National Literacy mission
c) Children medical foundtion

Answer : b


The following picture shows the position of a panther.

Now check the next set of images and identify the order 

1) a,b,c
2) b,c,a
3) b,a,c
d) a,c,b

Answer : 3 (b,a,c)


(MSQ) Observe the below situation, and idenify the correct options that is available in the pic.

a) Dog food
b) Rose flower
d) Dog bowl
e) brush
f) Bone

Answers : a,c,d,e,f


Observe the illusion and write down what it represents (hidden words/numbers)

Answer : You Blind bat


(MSQ) Observe the given image, and and identify the things that could possibly be made from the pattern

a) Zebra
b) Elephant
c) hen/cock
d) Lion
e) Whale
f) Human
g) Fox

Answer : b,c,e,f,g


Identify the cartoon character shown below

a) Goofy
b) Kick buttowski
c) Ninja Hatori
d) Nobitha
e) Henry

Answer : b


It is now widely acknowledged that the movement against racism in Western European societies is gaining momentum. Openness to diversity and multicultural societies resulting from mass immigration have also contributed to reduce discrimination suffered by minority groups. Unfortunately racial discrimination remains prevalent. Racial discrimination can create anarchy and damage the delicate fabric of society which can undermine a nation's resilience.
Use (True, False, Cannot say) to answer the two questions

Mass immigration leading to multicultural societies has contributed to increased racism in Western Europe.

Societies that do not fight against racial discrimination may suffer in the future.

Answers : 8 - False; 9 - True


A boat can travel with a speed of 22 km/hr in still water. If the speed of the stream is 5 km/hr, find the time taken by the boat to go 54 km downstream

a) 3 hr
b) 5hr
c) 4hr
d) 2hr

Answer : d

Explanation :

Speed of the boat in still water = 22 km/hr
speed of the stream = 5 km/hr
Speed downstream = (22+5) = 27 km/hr
Distance travelled downstream = 54 km
Time taken = distance/speed=54/27 = 2 hours


What is the fourth color in the rainbow ?

a) blue
b) yelow
c) green
d) purple

(MSQ) Four fonts are shown below, identify the one that is different from others (appeared in CEED 2012)

Answer : c


(MSQ) The below picture shows the reflection of the word "SAMRAT" on a surface. Identify the nature of the reflective surface (appeared in CEED 2012)

a) flat
b) convex
c) concave
d) cylindrical

Answer : b


What are some major causes of underground water contamination

a) Landfill
b) Sanitary
c) Industries 
d) Waste dispoals on water bodies (rivers, ponds)
e) Agriculture
f) Natural causes

Answers: a,b,c,d,e


Choose the correct solid after folding the left shape.

Answer : c

You may check the explanation in this file


(MSQ) The below situation illustrates the helpless condition of a water reserve (assume in India). What would be the reasons for such situation 

a) Over population
b) Improper disposal of wastes
c) Natural disasters
d) Lack of awareness
e) No proper place to dispose waste
f) Carelessness

Answers : a,b,d,e,f


(MSQ) For the above situation, whom are affected ultimately ?

a) Kangaroo
b) Birds
c) Animals living under water
d) Surrounding humans
e) Penguins
f) Animals on surroundings 

Answers : b,c,d,f


The company you work for is experiencing financial difficulties. You have
thought of a creative solution that will enable it to recruit more clients.
However, the downside is that the company will have to let go a stable,
loyal but not so profitable client (due to a conflict of interest).
Two out of three marketing people agree with you while your manager
does not because she believes this is too risky.
What would you do, and why ? Choose the best and worst options

You trust your manager's judgement and withdraw your proposition. There's no point in going against her better judgement.
You present a document to your manager systematically detailing the
advantages of your proposition and its contribution to the company. If she keeps insisting, you'll support her decision.
You implement your proposition despite the manager's resistance. Since you have a lot of faith in this proposition, you decide to trust your judgement and go behind her back this once for the benefit of the company.
You confront your manager on the issue and insist that she accept your
proposal. You are positive that you are right. You have the marketing people to back you and will not give up until you convince your manager otherwise.

Answer : Best - B, worst - C


(MSQ) Which among the following films are partially animated

a) Brave
b) The Smurfs
c) Enchanted
d) Tangled

Answers : b,c


Who is the director of the motion capture animated movie, starring Rajinikanth

a) K.S.RaviKumar
b) Soundarya
c) Anthony
d) Arnab Chaudari 

Answers : b


(MSQ) Introverted

a) brave
b) shy
c) bashful
d) sociable
e) friendly

Answers : b,c


Find the odd one out

a) arrow 
b) dagger 
c) spear 
d) shield

Answer : d

Practice more odd one out picture questions - online


Find the odd picture out (use a,b,c,d in clockwise direction)
Answer : a


Find the odd number out

8, 27, 64, 100, 125, 216, 343 

a) 27
b) 100
c) 343
d) 125

Answer : b

The pattern is 23, 33, 43, 53, 63, 73. But, 100 is not a perfect cube


Which is the first Indian language to be declared as "Classical language"

a) Hindi
b) Marati
c) Tamil
d) Bangla

Answer : c


(MSQ) Which among the following are considered as "Illustrations"

a) Sketching
b) drawing
c) digitial art
d) Photography
e) Writing

Answers : a,b,c,d


A is 45 m South west of B. C is 45m South east of B. Then, C is in which direction of A?

a) West
b) North east
c) East 
d) South

Answer : c


A girl was going towards west, then she turned south and moved some distance, then turned 90 degrees in clockwise direction. In which direction was she going now ?

a) East
b) W
c) N
d) S

Answer : b


Tree is related to Root in the same way as Smoke is related to

a) Cigarette
b) Fire
c) Heat
d) Wodd

Answer : b


Arrange the following in logical sequence

1.Tamil Nadu

a) 1,5,3,2,4
b) 3,1,5,4,2
c) 2,4,3,1,5
d) 5,4,2,1,3

Answer : b


That's how, I end this years UCEED works. 

Hope my blog helped you to some extent. 

Note that I've just given my views; and based on my observation, I chose topics and shared related materials accordingly. I'm not sure whether all the materials are helpful or not, but they are just an attempt to give some help to you as there are very little sources of help around.

Hope your practice is going well and wish to see you selected.

All the best :)


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  1. thanks i am sure that your stuff will help us in clearing exam .

  2. Acc to me sth is missing in Q29,she first turned in which direction

    1. Ya, exactly bro, thanks :)

    2. hey mukul the girl turn into clock wise direction so she move 2 rest and there is no missing data in the question

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    1. Hello Ankur,

      For now, you can check this blogs resource page to get something about animated movie directors. I still have to figure out other famous directors.

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  6. Answer to the 29th question is " EAST " chill everybody !!!

    1. no it shud be west if v see from the girl's position...

    2. Yes! It shld b west accdrng to the grls position.. In thse type of ques i hv seen the answrs r acc to position of a person!

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    1. It's there in the resource page, please check. Also, other mock tests are there with good amount of MSQ, pl chk

  9. Sir,In question 5 shouldn't the answer be d? in option c the line is slanted in the wrong direction....?

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    First of all i love your blog. It has helped me with various topics. So thank you for that.
    Secondly, for question 15, isn't option D the correct answer?
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