13 August 2014

Stupa - Architecture in India

Stupa's are the most important architectural structures depicting Buddhist achievements. It's are symbols of culture and expansion. Here are shown some of the famous Stupa's in India from all states.

Salugara Stupa - Siliguri - West Bengal

Shanti Stupa - Dhauligiri - Bhubaneswar

Sanchi Stupa's - Madhya Pardesh

Dhamekh Stupa - Sarnath - UP

Stupa at Leh - Srinagar

Ramabhar stupa - Kushinagar

Nirvana temple & Stupa - Kushinagar

Rock-cut Stupa's - Ajanta caves - MH

Salihundam Stupa - AP

Japanese peace Pagoda - Darjeeling

Dodrulchorten stupa - Gangtok

Chaukandi Stupa - Sarnath - UP

Gantasala Stupa - AP

Kesariya stupa - Bihar

Bedsa cave Stupa - MH

Bavikonda stupa's - Vizag - AP

Deorkothar stupa

Stupa's at Nagarjunakonda - AP

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