6 August 2014

Monuments in kerala, MP, WB and Punjab

Historical structures in Kerala

Palakkad Fort

St. Angelo Fort

Thalaserry Fort

Historical structures in Punjab

Golden temple - Amritsar

Keshgarh Sahib Gurudwara - Anandpur

Qila Mubarak - Bathinda

Qila Mubarak - Patiala

Historical structures in Madhya Pradesh

Asigarh Fort

Man mandir fort - Gwalior

Sahasrabhudi temple - Gwalior

Jain Statues - Gwalior

Historical structures in West Bengal

Jor Bangla temple

Mahabodhi temple, Bishnupur

Rasmancha - Bisnupur

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  1. Wow really superb post, old is gold always...

    1. Thank you Shanthi sis :)
      You have been a great supporter to my blogs as always. Thanks again.


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