13 August 2014

Monuments and sculpture in Karnataka

Bangalore Palace

Badami rock cut temple

Cheluvamba mansion

Durga Temple - Aihole

Gol Gumbaz - Bijapur

Hampi chariot

Jaganmohan Palace

Lalitha Mahal - Mysore

Shiva statue - Murudeshwar

Murudeswar temple

Tippu sultan - Mysore palace

Malikarjuna temple - Aihola

Narasimha - Hampi

Monolithic stone Nandhi - Hampi

The musical pillars - Hampi

Virupaksha temple - Hampi

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  1. Great work
    but its Aihole not Aihola.
    Its Hampi not Hamip(in Stone Chariot, in all others it is written perfectly as Hampi)

    1. ya, they are typos,
      thank you for spotting.


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