I usually write articles that are lengthy and descriptive - without minding the number of words. That's why my blog articles are lengthy. 

For those, who are sick at reading lengthy articles, I have prepared some videos with good presentations and explanations that would basically give CEED and UCEED exam guides, tips, and suggestions (including design-related issues). Hope you enjoy watching the videos!

Simple tips to get ideas and improve design thinking

UCEED New pattern (from 2020 exam) video discussion and guide 

CEED Guide: CEED 2020 exam - When to start working on Portfolio preparation - when to skip

Complimentary Video 1 : How to crack CEED exam, how to organise questions and time during CEED exam

Complimentary Video 2 : How to crack UCEED exam, how to manage time and sections during UCEED exam

Complimentary Video 2 : How to utilise time for UCEED in the last one week of exam

Complimentary Video 3 : How to prepare for CEED exam in just a week!

Video 1 : How to start and What to practice for CEED exam

Video 2 : "Counting no. of surfaces on 3D solid" - Easy way on how to solve that and what mistakes to avoid

Video 3 : Beginners guide on "How to Learn and improve 'Sketching' step-by-step and the best sketching level required for CEED exam"

Video 4 : Common sketching mistakes that you must avoid while CEED sketch practice

Video 5 : Tips and steps for CEED exam Design part preparation and practice

Video 6 : Big mistakes that you must avoid while CEED preparation

Video 8 : Is M.Des best for you ? Difference between M.Des and M.Tech, M.Arch

Video 9 : How to Improve Creativity and Lateral thinking - Behavioral practices - Part 1/3

Video 10 : How to Improve Creativity and Lateral thinking - Habitual practices - Part 2/3

Video 11 : How to Improve Creativity and Lateral thinking - Habitual practices - Part 3/3

Career Guide video 1 : What career to choose after 10th (SSC) ? (English)

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