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Let us see some of the art and creative works done by people (listed below). Going through this might give you a brief idea about sketching and art work that may help you with CEED exam as well as for your future as a designer. By understanding others ideas and concepts, it's likely that you may develop your own idea. That's why I included "Gallery" section for your benefit.

If you have any such works, you may send that to my mail or inform me about your works in Facebook; I will be including your work in this blog for others to look and learn.

Work by :

Below some of the pictures were shown created by named people

I thanks all the above people for permitting me include their works in this blog.

Happy designing .......... :)


  1. I came across an online web page with great guide for sketching learning. You may go through this

  2. U r doing an amazing job sir!!

  3. U r doing an amazing job sir!! Ur blogs r really really helpful๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  4. Hello Sir! I really loved your blog :)
    I ll be appearing for CEED '17 for M.Des Please check out my portfolio and give some suggestions :)

    1. Hello Sumit!
      that's great, yeah will check soon.

  5. Grt job sir!! Its really hlpful to all of us!


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