18 January 2017

Materials and examples for Logo making - Visual Communication


this is a bit late but still, but I hope this will be crucial for your exam especially for those who are planning to give Visual communication (logo design) part of CEED exam. I'm giving links to the pdf as well as online pages that would leave you some idea. I'm also leaving some images taken from the web for your reference. Just go through them and understand what process that they followed.

Let me write some tips here

If possible make mind map (bubble map) showing the flow of your ideas, the important keywords that you considered from the questions, what factors are linked and related to that issue for which you are designing the logo etc. An example is shown below

Usually, you need to make three or more than 3 alternative ideas. So in each page, plan to show roughly your design process (Brainstorming of ideas) on how you come up with the idea, like showing separately the various elements (symbols, words etc) of the final logo and how you clubbed them. Also give written statements to give a note of what it represents. 
At the end of each individual rough design, write in brief (note the no. of words that they ask) about the logo, covering the following questions
  • why you considered those individual factors with their importance
  • What would they (individual elements) communicate
  • Something about your logo (combination of individual elements) outcome and the reason why you chose them.  

After you're done with rough logos ideas, you have to make a final logo out of your alternate ideas. Follow the same procedure of showing the rough construction of the logo with individual designs along with several other alternate ideas for the same design as shown in below image.
Make your final logo eye-catching taking very good care (you may consider using ruler/scale, but mostly prefer hand if your hand draws straight lines very well). If possible, color them.

Show (very) rough sketches of how the logo looks in different places like on certificates, web-site, apps, vehicles, posters/boards etc

Give brief note about your final design, what it communicates and which factors/elements it covers giving a note on why you choose those colors or wordings.


Some examples - quickly go  - Logo basics and media works

Online Resources 

some examples online - famous logo process making

Free time study - quickly go through - six theories of Visual communication
In the next couple of days, I will try to solve a previous paper CEED VC question (if possible) or share online materials if I find something. Anyway, the above materials might have given you some idea.

Good luck :)


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